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Technology is making it harder for us to balance our professional and personal life. We are now working around the clock, making the 9/5 lifestyle very much a thing of the past.

Statistics have shown that a staggering 94% of working professionals are working more than 50 hours per week! Half of that figure said that they were piling up a massive 65 hours’ week.

Of course, business is important to our success however over working can cause damage to our relationships, health, and overall happiness. So, how do we find the perfect balance between work and life? Here are the top tips offered by health and career experts.

Minimise Your Need for Perfection

If you fall under the category of perfectionism, then you may be prone to working longer hours. As you climb the ladder, more responsibilities will come your way, at work and home. At this point in your life, you must accept that perfection isn’t always an option.

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Technology has improved how we work massively. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones give us access to technology on the move. This accessibility has opened our doors to business opportunities 24 hours a day. This is great for a startup business owner who is looking to expand quickly, however, over time you must minimise this access during personal hours.

Forbes contributor Deborah Jian Lee notes that “By not reacting to the updates from work, you will developing a stronger habit of resilience.” If you are resilient then you will more control over your life, this will reduce stress and let you have some well-deserved “you-time”.


This may seem like an obvious, however, when we are busy, exercise may fall in our levels of importance.  It is important to make time for the things that our body requires We eat, wash and sleep and this is what gets us through the day, but how can we exercise if we are working 7 days a week? If you are feeling stressed, then exercise is the best way to reduce stress. Weight-loss is not the only benefit of exercise.

Exercise fuels our body with good endorphins and it can lift our mood if we are feeling down or stressed. Mind Body Green are health experts who believe that; “not only will working out ease stress in the short term by helping you sweat out the day’s worries, regular exercise will help you become less stressed out in the long term as well”.

If running and sports is not your style, then you should invest in a form yoga or meditation. This may seem like another task that you need to dedicate time too, but you can start small with deep breathing exercises during your commute.

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Stop Time-Wasting

We are all quality of spending hours, aimlessly surfing the net. Whether your vice is Twitter or YouTube videos, time flies by while we are escaping reality online.

If you want to reduce the time you are spending online during your time you can turn off email notifications. This will reduce the temptation to delve into work matters after hours.

 If social media is what drags you in, try using productivity software like Freedom, LeechBlock or RescueTime. It is important that you dedicate some time to yourself, try to turn off your phone or notification during rest periods. This will make you feel more relaxed and you won’t become distracted by the problems which are occurring at work.