Operating a business can lead to a variety of financial stresses. There are many different costs to consider that you’ll run into when starting your business. However, some people tend to forget about the cost of energy and efficiency whilst running your business. There are multiple ways to save energy and reduce your outgoing bills.

Implement energy efficiency
Most companies tend to have high peaks of energy at specific times. Try to spread out the energy usage throughout the day and encourage your employees to also do the same.

Energy Saving Lightbulbs
Using energy saving lightbulbs can cut your energy usage and lower your bills. They tend to use 80% less energy than standard lightbulbs and they don’t need to be as often replaced which can keep your maintenance bill down too.

Efficiently use heating and air conditioning
When using heating for the business space. Try and use it periodically and remember to switch them off when the room is at the correct temperature. For air conditioning try and only use it when the temperature exceeds 23-24 degrees Celsius. To use air conditioning efficiently keep all windows and doors close and switch off overnight.

Switch off at night
This is a very easy but forgettable tip. Turning off only one monitor when it’s not in use and over closed periods can save up to £35 per year in energy bills. When leaving your business make a habit of switching off unnecessary devices and monitors and encourage your employees to follow this practice. You’ll soon notice the difference.

Don’t over boil
We all love a tea break but watch how much water you and your employees are boiling. If we only boil the right amount of water for what we need we would save enough energy a year to power the UK’s street lights for one month.

Make Goals
Having your employee’s on board with saving energy will go a long way to help reduce your electricity bills if everyone contributes. Be honest with your employees and show them how much your business costs to run electricity and energy. Show them the ways that the business can save and where else that money could go to give them incentive to save energy and money.

Set up a reward scheme for your employees to encourage them to save energy. Provide small treats for the people or teams that have made the biggest and most effective changes to help save energy. Everyone loves a little competition and for a good reason.