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If your business is not investing in social media then it may get lost among its competitors There are a number of options out there, which begs the question, which platforms are the best for businesses to use?

If you are looking to create a successful social strategy in 2017, it is time for you to familiarise yourself with how these platforms work and how they can benefit your business.


Facebook can be described as the king of social media platforms. It’s massive, worldwide community is built with more than 1.59 billion users. The beauty of Facebook is that it is compromised with the largest blend of demographics of any social platform.

If you are looking for a medium which will help you to connect with customers across the world, then Facebook is an excellent choice. Its advanced targeting functions mean that you can advertise to customers who will want to invest in your business.

Social media strategy


Twitter and Facebook work completely differently. Facebook is constantly evolving, however, Twitter has only made small changes to its brand over time. Many businesses find value in Twitter as posts can spread quickly.

Users will have the ability to make your posts to go viral, meaning the more posts you share, the more chances of retweets and replies. For you to gain this exposure you must attain followers. Make sure that you are updating your Twitter account regularly, replying to tweets and watching what is trending, the more you use Twitter, the more benefits which can be reaped from it.


LinkedIn is an excellent B2B platform and if you are looking to target this market then you must be active there. LinkedIn is all about building connections and some would say it is the most modern way of networking.

You can connect with colleagues and business professionals in any industry. Its search function makes this extremely easy. When you have found the person that you have been looking for simply send them an InMail. Blogging on LinkedIn is also a great way to get recognised from businesses further a field.


You may not think that linked in is valuable to your business however, visual content is on the rise and it may get your business noticed by a wider audience. Instagram is a popular photo-sharing platform and can be used at events and tradeshows.

Instagram hashtags are also great for business and can be used to promote products, services and competitions.

instagram strategy


YouTube is another visual content provider, which means your business should be using it. Statistics have shown that 81 percent of people only skim the content they read online, making videos extremely desirable.

YouTube comes with its own benefits. It is the world’s second largest search engine and is owned by Google. If your business is working on its digital marketing strategy and search engine optimisation, videos are now rising to the top of the list.

Remember every business is different and If you are using all of these platforms you may get lost among all of the content which you need to provide. Try to focus on a few and soon enough you will be a pro when it comes to content creation.