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Established in Glasgow in 2003, Betting Jobs began as an online feed for job listings in the online betting and gaming industry. Over time, the business developed into a specialised recruitment service for the sector which is now was on the most relied upon sources for the industry staff to connect with employers and vice versa on a global level. Despite Betting Jobs humble beginnings, this company is world-renowned with the senior management team marked at industry-recognised figures. The impressive team of consultants manages both client and candidate accounts as well offering qualified HR advice and analysis for jobs in gaming and betting.

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How Does Betting Jobs Work for Jobs in Gaming?

As a candidate, or employee, you register am account on the Betting Jobs website which is secure with a password. You can use your account to apply for jobs and keep track of applications, as well as job availability. Those who don’t have an account can manually browse for jobs using the Betting Jobs system, plus you can sign up your email address to receive notifications of jobs similar to the search query you entered on the Betting Jobs database. As a client you can contact Betting Jobs directly through the contact form, email address or contact telephone number. Although the company is UK based there are offices in Malta.

Why Is Betting Jobs a Popular Choice for Candidates?

Candidates looking for jobs in gaming place a lot of trust into Betting Jobs due to their stellar, worldwide reputation of connecting the very best in the industry with highly sought after jobs. As they have been working in the industry for fifteen years the established network at Betting Jobs is not only impressive in size but covers every possible level. As the company grew, the seniority of the connection grew as well yet Betting Jobs always ensures to have a team member dedicated to each lower level as well, guaranteeing there is a specialist contact for every candidate regardless of the level they are applying to.

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Why Is Betting Jobs a Popular Choice for Clients?

As mentioned above, Betting Jobs is an extremely reliable source for applicants for jobs in gaming of all levels and experience due to the solid network that has been established over several years, starting off in a humble position and developing through to the most prestigious seniority. It is this same reason that brings big clients back time and time again. On top of offering a large selection of candidates, Betting Jos also provides CV advice and interview tips meaning that the quality of candidate, despite those who may be entry level, is always impressive in terms of preparation for the recruitment process, all thanks to the dedication of Betting Jobs.