For your business to grow and be successful you need to ensure that your employees are happy and optimising their work. The key to successful a successful business lies in the employees, if they are invested in your business then you will reap the benefits. Here are some useful tips that help you build a healthy relationship with your employees.

Have an Open Door Policy

You want your staff members to feel comfortable with you, and be able to ask you any questions they might have. Having an open door will give your employees the security they need to feel comfortable with you.

If you have an open door policy then your employees with feeling comfortable coming to you with any concerns, new ideas or any complaints. This will develop a natural working relationship and allow discussions between employees and employers to be free and open. This will also create a strong relationship in the workplace.

open door policy

Include Your Employees

Including your employees in decisions where possible would be beneficial to building up a healthy relationship with your employees as they will feel included as part of the team.  If you are thinking if making changes to your business it would be valuable if you were to include your employees with the decisions as they will be able to out their suggestions forward.

When your employees work together to create policies or organisational goal they will feel valued and important to the organisation and to you.

Interact with Your Employees

Being available only for meetings or other corporate tasks is not enough, to have a real relationship with your employees you need to be there for them on a friendship level. Employees are only human and have good and bad days, and as an employer, you need to be there through those difficult days. This will show your employees how much you care and are there for them.

Be available to your employees during difficult tasks or projects, don’t just watch over them, get involved! Providing a lunch for everyone during a busy spell will also build morale and keep your employees invested, and eat with them!

After work activities are also an easy and fun way to interact with your employees as they will get to know you on a friend level rather than boss level.

business lunch

Be Available to Your Employees

You need to be ready and available to your staff members, make it easy for them to communicate with you. Using email, instant messenger or even webcams can make communicating with your employees easier.

Being present for your employees shows them that you care and are invested in their work, being available to them will help build a healthy relationship.

One thing to remember about being available to your employees, that you need to be visible to your employees, don’t become so busy and wrapped up in work that you forget about your employees.


Building A Relationship

Understanding that having a healthy relationship with your employees is vital to the success of your business, following these four simple steps will ensure that you build a strong bond with your employees so that they feel valued in the workplace.