Across the UK more than 45 million people had access to the internet in 2016, with that figure likely to increase during 2017. For this reason, it is important that you have an online presence that is accessible and available to customers. As this is so important to the success of your business, it is vital that you get it right, here are some useful tips to help your company have a successful online presence.

Give Your Website a Facelift

First impressions matter and your website is one of the first things that customers will see and judge you on, therefore, it is important that you make it inviting and accessible to your customers. You need to ensure that you have visual images and content throughout your website that will engage with your target audience.

Your target audience needs to be able to navigate and understand your website, this will allow them to be more inclined to return to your site, therefore they will become loyal customers.
You need to maintain your website and keep it relevant and up to date, making sure that you have accurate and relevant details on your website for the benefit of your customers.
Your target audience visits your website because they are looking for up to date, relevant information about your company and also to see what products or services you offer. Therefore, it is vital that you keep the available information new and fresh.

social media platform

Create A Social Media Platform

In today’s society, everyone has a smartphone and access to the internet, with over 42 million people in the UK using a smartphone in 2016. This figure is set to rise during 2017 as more and more people are purchasing and using smartphones.
Over 31 million people in the UK are on social media platform, Facebook. This huge figure highlights the importance to social media for a company as it is an easy, cost-effective way to reach potential customers.
There are many benefits to social media for a company but one of the main benefits is that social media is an excellent communication tool as having a social media account allows you to directly engage with your customers on a personal level. This one to one communication will build loyalty and trust with your customers.

Be Responsive and Available to Your Customers

One of the main uses for a company being online is that they are able to be responsive and available to their customers on a personal level.
You need to make it easy for customers to contact you, either through email or phone call, it is vital that you make that information available. A contacts page Is the easiest way to ensure that you have all the correct information on your site as well as making it simple for your customers. To enhance your online presence further, having a ‘live chat’ area available on your website gives your customers the chance to have instant contact with you.


optimising your online presence

Optimising Your Online Presence

To ensure that your online presence is successful and available to your customers, it is important to follow these handy tips, as having an online presence that is accessible and responsive to customers will build brand loyalty and trust- the underpinning to any successful business.