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Relocation, Relocation. Are you moving from your current business hub? Growing your business and moving into larger pastures is nothing but a positive thing for your business. If this is your first move away from a home office into a new workspace, then this is an extremely exciting time as it means your business is progressing.

If you are moving from one commercial building to another, this means that your business will need to move fast as you will not have the luxury of a slow move. A business makes the most money when it is active, therefore you will want the moving boxes process to run as smoothly as possible. Packaging expert Big Brown Box give us their top tips for packing.

Create a timeline

It is important that your business is organised during the packing and moving process, a timeline should help you schedule duties and appoint who needs to be where and when.

If you are the one coordinating a move, then delegation is the first step.  Make sure that you have all of the materials that are needed for the move and moving boxes for all of the equipment and furniture which are kept in your office.

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If you are in a commercial office, then it is recommended that you plan a move 46 months ahead of time. This means that your employees are well aware of what changes are occurring and can adapt their schedules to the needs of the move.

Moving does not always go smoothly, therefore, you should be prepared for mishaps such as loss of Internet and phone services as well permits, licenses and insurance policies. The larger the office you have, the more time you will need to plan.

Resources: Moving Boxes

Packaging suppliers are the best option for resources and they often have moving kits for offices that are ready to buy. Make sure that you are buying all of the packing boxes you will need before the move goes ahead.  Packing tape is an essential and it is recommended that you choose a tape that will stand the test of time.

Hire movers

If you have a lot of boxes that need to be carried, then it is recommended you’re you hire a moving boxes team. If you are moving from home, a man with a van should suffice.

The transition should run as smoothly as possible and hiring help will only assist you with the moving boxes process. Again, this should be organised months in advance. Do some research, the moving market is competitive, a connection may know of a removal boxes company that is recommended.



Update your website and promotional material.

It is recommended that you prepare for the changes that are about to happen. A week before you move it is recommended that you make the adjustments to promotional materials such as letterheads, newsletters and most importantly your website and social media accounts. Continuity is key and it is important that you warn deliveries, clients, and interviewees that the location of your website has changed.