It’s time to start thinking about the planet! Do you try to do your best to recycle at home? Great! But what about at work? Do you really care about the materials that you are using?  Using sustainable materials at work can make a huge difference to the environment and your environmental footprint as a whole. For the change to really take place, your business should be making small changes too. They can do this by changing their packaging and product handling strategies.

Exporta Global is just one UK business who is changing the way they make their products, using recycled plastics. For years now, this product handling company has been making a huge effort to improve their carbon footprint by recycling materials from euro containers and boxes. Did you know that recycling plastic saves twice as much energy as burning it in an incinerator? Your company could also make a difference by choosing to use recycled goods like euro containers and crates.


Recyclable Stacking Containers

Just because your new euro containers will be made out of recycled plastic, does not mean that they will not be durable. Euro containers are a lot stronger than a standard cardboard box and are great for businesses who plan on expanding. These boxes are long lasting and If you are a small business that ships overseas they are an excellent choice for keeping your goods protected.

Many small businesses tend to buy euro containers as it can save money. You will find that one of the biggest mistakes companies make is to buy cheap storage containers that aren’t eco-friendly.  The cheaper the boxes are, the more likely it is you will need to replace them. The more replacements, the more money you will be spending. If you are serious about improving your environmental foot print is to invest in reliable storage like euro stacking containers.


euro boxes


Exporta Euro Containers

Exporta is one of the UK’s biggest product handling suppliers. They sell everything from plastic crates to pallet boxes. They make quality products that are built with sustainable materials. Seb Beloe, head of sustainability research at WHEB Asset Management, says: “People seem to be much more interested in focusing their investment on companies that are actively providing solutions to sustainability challenges rather than focusing on areas that they don’t like (tobacco, armaments, pornography etc) and then being left with a bunch of banks, insurers, retailers and oil companies.”

This is a company that is going strength to strength and Exporta even offer next day delivery on their products. If you buy euro containers today before 3pm, they can be yours tomorrow!


euro containers

Using Euro Containers

Any business can benefit from using euro containers and if they are recycled, this is a bonus! There will be a number of euro container suppliers online that make recycled crates which you can use for transit and storage. By choosing eco-friendly goods, your business is making a huge difference as the little things often make the biggest differences. Find out more about sustainable product handling solutions on Exporta’s website.